"AM" series

Swift mixers witt low power rating Kw 0.37, easy and economic construction, for mixing on little tanks max 1 m3 for low viscosity fluid. Impeller “MARINE PROPELLER” inclination of 35°. Available in Aisi 304 or PVC coating.

"MR" series

Slow mixers, used in water treatment, on little-medium tank max 10 m3 of capacity. Impeller with 4 inclined blades. The shaft of the mixer is directly key coupled with the hollow shaft of worm gearbox. Available in Aisi 304-316 or PVC coating.

"SL" series

Swift mixer with rigid coupling to 4-6-8 poles motors equipped whit a stuffing box and radial bearing and gasket ring. Impeller “MARINE PROPELLER” inclination of 35°. These mixers are particularly suitable for mixing or dissolution of products whit low viscosity in little-medium tank. Material Aisi 304-316 supplied whit shaft and impeller.

"RLV" series

Slow mixers fitted whit gear-box coupled to the shaft power. Shaft available in Aisi 304-316 or sheathed rubber. Impellers: Turbine type or special profile. These agitators are particularly suitable for mixing of solution whit middle density-viscosity. Used on water treatment and chemical plants on medium-large tanks. This series is completed whit equipment max rating kw 15, and max length max 5 mt.