Air motors

The pneumatic motor, also called air motor, vane motor, rotary pneumatic motor or pneumatic rotary actuator, is a particular type of motor designed to create mechanical movement by exploiting the expansion of strongly compressed air.


The pneumatic motors / air motors / pneumatic rotary motor / pneumatic rotary actuator that we offer in our sales range are "vane".

The vane motors are composed of a grooved rotor, on which blades with spring compensation system are installed, which rotate eccentric inside a chamber having a pneumatic inlet and exhaust.

The thrust of compressed air on the vanes and the centrifugal force generated create a circular motion that is transmitted to the shaft; the exhausted air is continuously conveyed to the exhaust.

Our pneumatic motors / air motors / vane motors / pneumatic rotary motor / pneumatic rotary actuator develop an equivalent power between 0.35 ÷ 7.0 kW and can be substituted for electric motors of equal output ensuring a smaller footprint and weight.

Other advantages of air motors / air motors / vane motors / air rotary motor / pneumatic rotary actuator over electric ones are as follows:

  • Possibility of being blocked during operation or being subjected to overloads without overheating or suffering other damage;
  • Possibility of being started / stopped repeatedly in an unlimited manner;
  • Possibility of easily adjusting the rotation speed and the torque delivered, acting on the pressure and the flow rate of the compressed air supply;
  • Possibility of easily reversing the direction of rotation;
  • Possibility to work without problems in very hot (135 ° C) dusty and humid environments;
  • Possibility to work in potentially explosive atmospheres - ATEX ZONE 1 (Ex IIGD Ex IIC T6 Gb - Ex IIGD Ex h IIIC T85degC Db);
  • Ability to manage ramp starting using a proportional valve;
  • They require minimal maintenance;
  • Ability to be mounted in any position ;
  • Possibility of being made entirely of stainless steel;
  • Possibility of working and dry;

Pneumatic motors / air motors / vane motors / rotary pneumatic motor / pneumatic rotary actuator can be used to motorize any equipment that requires motion transmission, the main ones are listed below:

  • agitators and mixers;
  • hydraulic pumps;
  • tools (screwdrivers, core drills, miter saws, etc.);
  • conveyor belts; < / li>
  • hoists, winches and winches;
  • winders / unwinders of cables, ropes, tapes and pipes;
  • shredders;
  • packaging machines ;
  • tippers;
  • sieves and vibrating screens;
  • wheel balancers and tire disassemblers;
  • bulkheads and shutters;
  • < li> tensioners and strapping machines;
  • fans;

If it is necessary to reduce the speed, or to increase the torque of a pneumatic motor / air motor / vane motor / rotary pneumatic motor / pneumatic rotary actuator, it is possible to couple it to a reducer so as to obtain a pneumatic gearmotor.

There are many types of gearboxes but those most used in combination with pneumatic motors are coaxial, planetary and worm screw type.

Below we present the models of air motors / air motors / vane motors / rotary air motor / pneumatic rotary actuator:

  • Air motors 1VM - (0,35 kW - 1000/7000 rpm)
  • Air motors 2VM - (0,7 kW - 1000/4000 rpm)
  • 4VM Air motors - (1.25 kW - 1000/3500 rpm)
  • 6VM Air motors - (3, 0 kW - 1000/3500 rpm)
  • Air motors 8VM - (4.0 kW - 1000/2500 rpm)
  • 16VM Air motors (7,0 kW - 1000/2000 rpm)

Our range of air motors / air motors / vane motors / air rotary motor / pneumatic rotary actuator boasts a comprehensive and versatile range to suit your every need.

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