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Diaphragm pumps

FLUIMAC air operated double diaphragm pumps have long been recognized as the most flexible pumps of the industry for handling difficult liquids at relatively low pressures and flows. The range of applications is virtually limitless.


FLUIMAC AODD pumps come in a lot of sizes, from 1/4" to 3", and a lot of choices of materials of construction: PP+VTR, PP+CF, PVDF+CF, POM+VTR, POM+CF, ALUMINUM and SS AISI 316. Almost every type of liquid from highly corrosive acids, alkaline fluids, paints, adhesives, fluids with high viscosity up to 50.000 CPS, food and drink products can be pumped.

To select the right FLUIMAC pump for your application, the following factors should be considered to achieve economy of operation, long pump life, and minimal maintenance costs:

- The nature of the medium to be pumped, its viscosity, and the solids content;
- Pumping capacity in relation to the desired output;
- Suction and pressure conditions;

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The operation of a double diaphragm pump, or pneumatic diaphragm pump, is both simple and effective: they are pneumatic pumps suitable for transferring fluids with reciprocating motion.

The pneumatic diaphragm pumps are equipped with two opposing pumping chambers, hermetically divided into two, one in contact with the compressed air and the other in contact with the pumped fluid.

The diaphragms, placed between two pumping chambers and activated by the pneumatic motor, and the valves, designed to ensure the total passage of the fluid both inlet and outlet, are the only parts in contact with the fluid.

Air operated double diaphragm pumps, or air operated diaphragm pumps, are designed and manufactured to pump a wide range of fluids even with high viscosities and with suspended solids.

They can also be used for heavy-duty applications such as environments with high humidity or potentially explosive atmospheres thanks to the ATEX Directive with which they are equipped.

Unlike other types of pumps, the diaphragm pump for liquids has no limits of use, also adapting to dry operations, to mix fluids, in self-priming and submerged.



Make the appropriate decision according to you needs

Years of experience make Fluimac the ideal choice as a partner for your business. As all operators in the sector know, there are many needs that require the safe use of a diaphragm pump, also called pneumatic double diaphragm pump, diaphragm pump or air pump. From the chemical sector and pharmaceutical to food
diaphragm pumps are used in many processes that need to transfer liquids; even in the presence of an environment made aggressive by the saturation of chemical products. Fluimac has in its catalog a wide range of pneumatic pumps to meet the needs of any type of processing.

The diaphragm pump
It is the ideal type of pump for moving dirty fluids with very high apparent viscosities and also with suspended solid parts. The construction method of these pumps gives them stability and safety, ensuring safe operation without the need for lubricated air. The processing speed can be adjusted, as can the capacity of
draft for unprecedented versatility of use. The quality of the materials used in the construction of the various models of Fluimac diaphragm pumps makes the pneumatic diaphragm pumps suitable and certified for use in hazardous areas and highly saturated with products

  • Suitability - Double diaphragm pumps are perfect for the safe handling and dosing of thick, chemical, corrosive and viscous liquid products. They are therefore suitable for handling solvents, inks, paints, fuels, chemicals and abrasives. But also of explosive or flammable liquids, as well as any type of food or pharmaceutical fluid.
  • Certifications . Fluimac implements a rigorous choice of certified materials in the selection of the construction parts of pneumatic pumps. ATEX certification to work in highly dangerous areas. FDA certification of materials for safety in the sector
    food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic.

A type of diaphragm pump for every process

  • Standard double diaphragm pumps , developed favoring a new air distribution system, with particular attention to the distribution system and using a new valve technology. This type of diaphragm pump is made of PP,
    PVDF + CF, Aluminum and AISI 316.
  • ATEX double diaphragm pumps . The ATEX certification is a guarantee for the quality and efficiency of the product and for use in areas
    dangerous. Made of PP + CF, PVDF + CF, Aluminum and AISI 316.
  • FOOD double diaphragm pumps . Built with materials compliant with FDA regulations, this type of diaphragm pumps are specially dedicated to the food and cosmetic industry. In fact, the
    parts in contact with fluids are exclusively made of electro-polished AISI 316 and PTFE. This type of pneumatic diaphragm pump finds its best use in the food and cosmetic industries.

By relying on Fluimac in choosing a double diaphragm pump model, you will have the certainty of being able to work in complete safety. Guaranteeing the quality and the correct and prolonged operation of the double diaphragm pneumatic pump, in order to be able to maintain the production standards of your company high.

Variable Flow & Head Control
Deadhead Safoly
Dry Solf-Priming
No Mechanical Alignment
No Eloctrical installation
Cavitation Tolerance
Low Shear & Degradation

= Suitable = Limitations = Not Recommended


Pump installed below head (positive suction)self priming pump installed above head (negative suction)Pump installed above drum or tankpump installed on hopper for high viscosity liquidSubmerged pumpSuspendedpump installed on a mobile unit
when it is necessary to empty completely the containerPump initially works with dr column without problemwith special featuring pumphopper's height treat the fluid. Air pressure has to be high. Suction tube has to be bigger than pump's size.it is necessary to check the chemical compatibilitySpecial version with flooring feet also in the upper part for ceiling fixingwith a trolley of cart when pump must be often moved

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