Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm pumps

The draft of the FLUIMAC’s double diaphragm pumps, it is mainly developed around the air distribution system, the diaphragm’s high technology, the pumping chambers geometry and the valves system; this in order to extend the functionality, not only for transfer but also for dosing.

The result is an innovative product with next-generation solutions. FLUIMAC's diaphragm pumps are made in PP, PVDF, ALLUMINIO and AISI 316.

Diaphragm Pump

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps features and details

Fluimac is a leading company in the pump production sector. For years it has been developing its know-how in the field of innovation, always offering cutting-edge solutions.

The technical characteristics of a pneumatic double diaphragm pump are that of allowing use even in extremely aggressive, toxic and dangerous environments.

The technological innovation of Fluimac pumps revolves around an innovative air distribution system. The exclusive design highlights the entire geometry of the pumping chamber and valve housing.
This allows the transfer of viscous liquids and liquids with the presence of solid elements in suspension. The new technology used on the membranes allows the improvement of functions not only related to transfer, but also to those of dosing. The result obtained is a latest generation pneumatic double diaphragm pump, with extraordinary performance and limited air consumption.

Fluimac creates a wide range of pneumatic diaphragm pumps, with the possibility of manufacturing them in the following materials: PP+VTR, PVDF+CF, PP+CF, POM+VTR, POM+CF , ALUMINUM and AISI 316.
A diaphragm pump for every fluid transfer need and price range,
guaranteed by the safety of the Fluimac. brand

Available versions

P3 Diaphragm Pump

P3 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1/4” BSP
Air connection: 4 mm
Max flow-rate: 4 lt/min
Max air...

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P7 Diaphragm Pump

P7 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1/4” BSP
Air connection: 4 mm
Max flow-rate: 7 lt/min
Max air...

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P18 Diaphragm Pump

P18 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 3/8” BSP

Air connection: 6 mm

Max flow-rate: 20 lt/min

Max air...

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P30 Diaphragm Pump

P30 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1/2” BSP
Air connection: 6 mm
Max flow-rate: 35 lt/min
Max air...

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P55 Diaphragm Pump

P55 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1/2” BSP
Air connection: 1/4” BSP
Max flow-rate: 55 lt/min
Max air...

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P60 Diaphragm Pump

P60 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1/2” BSP
Air connection: 1/4” BSP
Max flow-rate: 65 lt/min
Max air...

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P90 Diaphragm Pump

P90 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 3/4” BSP
Air connection: 3/8” BSP
Max flow-rate: 100 lt/min
Max air...

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P120 Diaphragm Pump

P120 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1” BSP
Air connection: 3/8” BSP
Max flow-rate: 120 lt/min
Max air...

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P170 Diaphragm Pump

P170 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1” BSP - DN25
Air connection: 1/2” BSP
Max flow-rate: 170 lt/min...

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P252 Diaphragm Pump

P252 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1” 1/4 BSP
Air connection: 1/2” BSP
Max flow-rate: 250 lt/min

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P400 Diaphragm Pump

P400 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 1” 1/2 BSP - DN 40
Air connection: 1/2” BSP
Max flow-rate:...

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P700 Diaphragm Pump

P700 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 2” BSP - DN 50
Air connection: 3/4” BSP
Max flow-rate: 700...

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P1000 Diaphragm Pump

P1000 - Diaphragm Pump

Fluid connections: 3” BSP - DN 80
Air connection: 3/4” BSP
Max flow-rate: 1050...

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Diaphragm pump

Fluimac's crown jewel, the diaphragm pumps are an innovative and functional product. These are machines designed to operate in any aggressive environment and in continuous operation. Machines which, thanks to their technological innovations, allow practical and fast solutions in all situations where liquids need to be moved.

Each diaphragm pump assembled and marketed by Fluimac enjoys a strict quality control process and is certified according to all European and international standards. This guarantees safety standards always at the highest levels.

The functionality of the products is also guaranteed by the great experience accumulated over years of work in the sector. Our know-how is a real added value, as is the quality and precision of our products and the pre- and post-sales assistance.

Technological innovation and customer assistance, the signature of Fluimac pumps

Fluimac is a cutting-edge company in the research and development of solutions for liquid handling. Its strong point is precisely the technological innovation guaranteed by the great research that underlies the design of its machines.

Our research and development department is highly qualified to find innovative technical solutions and increasingly better materials. The constant attention to new technologies and the choice of increasingly high-performance materials distinguishes us.
Our pumps are the final result of a study and research process that benefits from our great experience in the sector.

But Fluimac is not just research and innovation. Constant attention to the customer and his needs is equally important. Our pre- and post-sales service allows the customer to always have the right product for their needs.

The widespread distribution throughout the territory is based on a reliable network of distributors capable of following every phase of purchase and implementation. Which makes the order fulfillment process extremely smooth and fast. Delivery times are reduced to a minimum thanks to the timely control of stock availability.
Where and how to use a diaphragm pump

Fluimac pumps are produced according to extremely high quality standards. Their know-how is based on careful research and cutting-edge materials. Fluimac pneumatic pumps are produced to safely manage the movement of highly aggressive and viscous liquids of all types and are used in particular in the following industries:

  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Shipping industry
  • Automotive
  • Mining industry
  • Renewable energies
  • Ceramic industry
  • Paint industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Construction industry
  • Beer industry< /li>
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Wine industry
  • Paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Agriculture
  • Water treatment
  • Steel industry
  • Fishing industry
  • Flexographic industry
  • Special vehicles
  • Car washes
  • Adhesives and glues

As can be seen from the list, Fluimac pumps are widely used. We could say that their diffusion is the best testimony to the quality of the product and its efficiency.

The materials used make our pumps suitable for handling liquids of all types, from alkaline to acids to food products. European and international certifications testify to their suitability for every function.

The range PHOENIX FOOD by FLUIMAC® , for example, is specially designed for the food industry. The great variety of materials also makes our pumps suitable for the most diverse uses: for example, they are resistant to corrosion and are suitable for working immersed. They are pumps capable of brilliantly withstanding contact with abrasive fluids or can be used in all phases of oil extraction and refining. But a Fluimac diaphragm pump is also synonymous with precision. The precision of flow control is as important as the ability of the materials to resist wear and corrosion. The quality of the membranes used allows not only correct movement of the liquids, but also their correct dosage.
Their pumping system, as well as the resistance of the materials, make them perfect for use even in extreme situations, in corrosive or toxic environments. The choice between Aluminium, PP, PVDF+CF and AISI 316 is perfect for use that is always suitable for the chemical and ATEX environment.

The pumping through the different chambers and the particular quality of the membranes used make them one hundred percent safe and reliable in every situation. Even in cases of transfer of viscous liquids or with solid particulates in suspension, a Fluimac diaphragm pump reacts correctly.

Operation of a diaphragm pump

A diaphragm pump is a technological jewel. Its operation is a precise and efficient mechanism, the result of careful study. The mechanics of these machines and the ways in which they are able to function in every situation and with any type of liquid are interesting.

Diaphragm pumps consist of a double chamber which serves for the transit of liquids set in motion by the oscillation of a diaphragm.

The operation consists of two consecutive cycles that are repeated alternately, allowing the liquids to be sucked in and subsequently moved towards the delivery. Suction and delivery follow one another cyclically for an optimal final result of liquid transfer.

In conclusion, the choice of a Fluimac diaphragm pump is certainly a valid choice from all points of view. From customer support to the intrinsic quality of the product, we are faced with a top of the range product destined to significantly improve the quality of industrial processes. If you are looking for a functional and effective tool for moving liquids of any type, the correct choice is a Fluimac diaphragm pump.

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