Drum pump tubes

The pump tubes of drum pumps are available in polypropylene (for aggressive media as cleaning agents, acids and alkalies, up to 50 ° C), PVDF (for highly aggressive media or when the medium temperature is between 50 and 90 °C), aluminium (for mineral oil products) or stainless steel 316Ti (for flammable liquids such as gasoline or solvents or thin liquid food).

Drum pump tubes

ALUMINIUM (ALU): It is suitable for neutral and hardly combustible liquids. With these pump tubes particularly mineral oil products up to a maximum viscosity of 1,000 mPas will be transferred.

Drive shaft: Stainless steel 316Ti

Media temperature: max. 90 °C

POLIPROPYLENE (PP): It is suitable for neutral, agressive and harly combustible liquis. They are used specifically for pumping agressive chemicals such as acids, alkalies or detergents.

Drive shaft: Stainless steel 316Ti or hastelloy 2,4610

Media temperature: max. 50 °C

POLYVINYLIDENFLUORIDE (PVDF): It is especially suitable for highly aggressive liquids such

as concentrated acids and bases.

Drive shaft: Hastelloy 2,4610

Media temperature: max. 90 °C

STAINLESS STEEL 316 (SS): It is used for all neutral, slightly aggressive liquids such as diluted acids, alkalies or detergents and thin fluid food.

Drive shaft: stainless steel 316Ti

Media temperature: max. 90 °C

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