Drum pumps

Pump material: Polypropylene

Shaft: Polypropylene

Seals: depending on the media

Flow rate: ca. 0,3 l/stroke*

Hose connection: 3/4”

The telescopic suction tube is adjustable from 500 to 950 mm and has a diameter of max. 34 mm.

N-04 YELLOW: FKM (CODE:6004 0000)

N-04 RED: EPDM (CODE:6004 0001)

N-04 BLUE: NBR (CODE:6004 0002)

N-04 BLUE/WHITE: PTE (CODE:6004 0003)

APPLICATION: For acids (yellow), mineral oil products (blue), alkaline solutions (red) and thin liquid food (blue/white).

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