Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic pump is a machine which applies the principle of peristalsis where constriction along the tube due to its elasticity generates pressure fluctuation.

Tube that should resist crushing as long as possible due to elastic and not plastic deformation is a fundamental component of the pump.

It is elasticity that allows tube to regain its original size and ensure the fluid pressure and the suction capacity.


HELIOS Peristaltic Pump is the choice of major industries in various fields.

They are suitable for abrasive products, acids, sensitive, viscous and dense.

Pumps can run dry, are self-priming and reversible.

They work without valves or seals which often causes breakage or malfunction of other types of pumps.

These pumps can be successfully applied both in severe conditions such as pumping of abrasive slurries, slurries or filamentous, highly viscous fluids, in cases requiring considerable suction capacity, or requiring maximum delicacy in transfer of fluid in order to keep its original characteristics (no emulsions, no foam, no contamination).

They could be used in explosive environments and provide a great dosage precision.

Due to their constructive simplicity and reduced maintenance time HELIOS peristaltic pumps save your expenses since the only component to wear is the rubber tube which can be replaced quickly and easily.

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