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Air operated double diaphragm pumps have long been recognized as the most flexible pumps of the industry for handling difficult liquids at relatively low pressures and flows. The range of applications is virtually limitless. FLUIMAC AODD pumps come in many sizes and choices of materials of construction. Almost every type of liquid from highly corrosive acids through high viscosity paints and adhesives, to food and drink products can be pumped.

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Petrochemical Industry

Whether your application is offshore or on land, FLUIMAC® pumps have been specifically designed to tackle the toughest challenges.
Drum discharge - chemicals, diesel, hydrocarbons and antifreeze
Transfer of drinking water
Dosage ...

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Helios AS 10

18th September 2020 - Here we have one of our peristaltic pumps: HELIOS AS 10....

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31st August 2020 - Today is a happy day! We’ve reached 2012 followers on LinkedIn!...

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Batching system

27th August 2020 - Today we would like to present you one of numerous products...

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Phoenix 90

6th August 2020 - YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST LOVE! In fact, today we present...

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Industrial pumps

Fluimac® is a young and dynamic company specialized in the design, construction and production of industry pumps. Fluimac® pumps are able to ensure quality and complete range of products and solutions. Furthermore, Fluimac® staff ensures adequate technical support and assistance quickly and comprehensively.

Fluimac® research and development department is constantly looking For new ways to satisfy every customer requirement.

Fluimac® range currently includes AODD pumps, pulsation dampers, peristaltig
pumps, drum pumps, mixers, horizontal centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal,
magnetic driven centrifugal pumps and vertical centrifugal pumps.

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