The advantages of the Peristaltic Pump

Helios Series

The Helios peristaltic pumps are very versatile and allow managing numerous demanding applications with significant advantages over other types of pumps:

Construction Advantages:

• The pump bodies, made of cast iron, are very robust and suitable for wearing work environments.
• The tubes are precisely made to utilize maximum volumetric capacity and are available in various materials to best manage chemical compatibility with the fluids to be transferred. They also have reinforcement inserts that make them very resistant to abrasion and mechanical wear. Some of these are FDA certified and therefore suitable for handling food fluids.
• The front part of the pumps is made of transparent plexiglass, allowing the operator to monitor proper functioning.
• We can equip them with a standard or servo-ventilated electric motor, ATEX motor, motor-inverter, motor-variator, and even a pneumatic motor; making them usable in any installation area.
• The process connections can be customized between hose carrier, threaded, flanged, tri-clamp, and DIN. We can also create special connections in Polypropylene and PTFE.
• The use of rollers that roll on the tube, rather than shoes that work by friction, allows dry operation and therefore the absence of an oil bath; overcoming the problems of topping up and disposing of the lubricant and avoiding product contamination in case of tube rupture.
• The internal chamber can be lined with a special inert ceramic resin that protects the pump body in case of tube breakage. Additionally, a sensor can be installed to signal the breakage and can stop the pump or give an alarm signal.
• The simplicity of construction and the low number of components allow minimizing interventions, duration, and maintenance costs.
• The ease of tube replacement allows dedicating one for each product and managing format changes quickly.

Application Advantages:

• The particular conformation of the tubes and the absence of mechanical components in contact with the pumped product allow managing very abrasive, viscous fluids with a high concentration of suspended solids.
• The gentle crushing with rollers allows transferring liquids with solid particulate matter whose integrity is to be preserved or fluids for which it is not possible to alter molecular bonds.
• The peristaltic pumps generate 0.8 bar of negative pressure in suction and therefore can suck up to 8 meters high with an empty pipe and without bottom valves.
• The absence of sealing elements and mechanical components that interrupt the flow allows the pump to be sterilized with CIP and SIP cleaning cycles.
• The reversibility of the flow allows recovering the product left in delivery and reducing waste.
• The repeatability of revolutions allows best serving dosing applications.
• The wide range allows managing a very broad range of flow rates, from a few liters per hour up to 60 m³/h.

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