The centrifugal pump is suitable for applications requiring the rapid and continuous transport of a liquid. However, it is essential to evaluate all operating conditions before choosing it:

  • Processed Fluid: a centrifugal pump is a high-performance but rather delicate machine. Therefore, the working liquid should have low to medium viscosity and a specific weight up to 1.9 kg/L. Higher values would excessively strain the mechanical parts and the impeller, and the functioning of the motor would be compromised due to out-of-range absorptions.
    Despite the open impeller, which allows the passage of dirty liquids, the suction of liquids with long solid particles and a diameter greater than one millimeter is not recommended.
    Using the centrifugal pump for too corrosive or very dirty fluids risks damaging the impeller or mechanical seals.
  • Temperature: Fluimac centrifugal pumps can be used in a range between -5°C and +65°C if made of polypropylene, otherwise in a range between -20°C and +95°C if the centrifugal pump is made of PVDF. The important thing is that the fluid always remains in a liquid state.
  • Working Conditions: each centrifugal pump is associated with a specific characteristic curve that reports the head [m] that the machine can reach given a certain flow rate [m3/h]. Knowing the conditions of one's system before choosing a centrifugal pump prevents the risk of inadequate performance and damage to the system and the machine.
  • Configuration: Fluimac offers both horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps. The former are placed outside the extraction tank, below the fluid's free surface level, with an axis parallel to the ground; the latter are partially submerged in the fluid and positioned with a vertical axis relative to the ground.
  • Motor Power Supply: Fluimac centrifugal pumps are designed primarily for electric motor operation, but configurations with a pneumatic motor are possible. The system must be adequate and sized to ensure continuous power supply.

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