13th January 2022 - It is a pleasure to share with you this important day: today is the 10th anniversary since the birth of Fluimac. During these 10 years, we made mistakes and we got several numbers of satisfactions at the same time, we have introduced several new products and new ranges, we moved four times and we made a lot of changes. We started as a small company and today we export most of our turnover around the world. Most of you knows that behind Fluimac there is a Family which everyday engages to achieve the impossible. We would like to thank all people who, during these years, have given us the opportunity to grow up and improve. First of all, we would like to thank our co-workers who help us to make Fluimac gears running every day. Thanks for your enthusiasm and for doing your best. Achieving goals is possible just thank to you and Fluimac has a lot of new purposes to reach for the next future. Special thanks to our suppliers who we consider partners, your inputs were and are indispensable. As our customers expect much from us, we expect much from you, and you are always able to satisfy our requests, even those that seem impossible. Last but not least, our customers and partner around the world: this dream is possible especially thanks to you. Thanks to choosing Fluimac and to continuing to believe in us. You have allowed to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We are at the end, thank you for your huge or small support and, by working hard as today, we hope to celebrate many other Fluimac birthdays. THANK YOU!
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