Drum pumps Neptune Drum pump

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Electric or air operated drum and container pumps by FLUIMAC are lightweight, handy and very powerful devices for an economical and safe filling and transferring of thin to medium viscous media, neutral or aggressive, non-flammable or flammable substances out of drums and containers.The sophisticated, technically clear construction ensures an efficient and safe use. Drum and container pumps consist of a high-performance, internally or externally ventilated universal motor, which is also available in an explosion-proof version and a pump tube that is suitable for the application. The pump tubes of drum pumps are available in polypropylene (for aggressive media as cleaning agents, acids and alkalies, up to 50 ° C), PVDF (for highly aggressive media or when the medium temperature is between 50 and 90 °C), aluminium (for mineral oil products) or stainless steel 316Ti (for flammable liquids such as gasoline or solvents or thin liquid food).