ATEX Pulsation dampeners
Damper Atex

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New range of pneumatic ATEX pulsation dampener.

The new range of pneumatic ATEX pulsation dampener series DAMPER was developed with a new technology, which guarantees an optimal solution to minimize the pulsation effect of the flow.
The high damping capacity can be up to 90%. The pulsation dampeners series DAMPER, not require adjustament or pre-loading, but it adapt to the fluid curve, automatically.
The DAMPERs, mounted on the delivery of double diaphragm pumps, drastically reduce the pulsation, the hammerings and the vibrations of the pump.

Products Available

Main Features

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  • Construction’s materials: Polypropylene+CF, PVDF+CF, POMc+CF, Aluminium, AISI 316.
  • Automatically, not need pre-loading.
  • Unlimited dry running
  • Various installations and configurations
  • ATEX certifications for Zone 1 and 2 in all versions
  • Easy to mantain


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Dampener's identification

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Pulsating fluid passes trough the dampener which drives the control valve, which moves the diaphragm aligning the flow out.

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