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Air operated double diaphragm pumps have long been recognized as the most flexible pumps of the industry for handling difficult liquids at relatively low pressures and flows. The range of applications is virtually limitless. FLUIMAC AODD pumps come in many sizes and choices of materials of construction. Almost every type of liquid from highly corrosive acids through high viscosity paints and adhesives, to food and drink products can be pumped.

To select the right FLUIMAC pump for your application, the following factors should be considered to achieve economy of operation, long pump life, and minimal maintenance costs:

  • The nature of the medium to be pumped, its viscosity, and the solids content;
  • Pumping capacity in relation to the desired output;
  • Suction and pressure conditions;

Considering these parameters, an optimal pump size is selected when the intersection of the intended installation “pressure vs. flow rate” is near the middle section of the curves.



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