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Air regulation Kit

With air regulation kit, it's possible adjust and/or set air pressure and air flow-rate. Composed by a filter-regulator, pressure gauge, air valve and air hose.

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Pneumatic Start&Stop

Pneumatic batcher system can control any FLUIMAC AODD pump allowing you to set the cycles amount.

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Diaphragm Stroke counter

Counting the number of strokes, connected to a PLC or a control, It allows various type of monitoring.

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Inox Trolley

It makes easily transportable the pumps

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Noozles In Pp, Pvdf, Alu, Inox

Dispenser to delivery control and batching.

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Flanged KIT

Kit piedini copia

Anti-vibration feet KIT

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Pneumatic and Electrical valves

Valvole fluimac

Valves and fittings in PP, PVC, INOX

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reinforced PVC hose. Hose with PTFE or PE internal.