PHOENIX RANGE Basket Strainers


The basket strainer is an important pump-protection device. Its use allows filtering of suspended solids, filaments and algae contained in the fluid, these elements being particularly harmful for pumps. The assembly contains no metal parts and is therefore ideally suited to highly-aggressive fluids such as acids and alkalis used in the chemical industry. The internal basket offers user-friendly removal and inspection.

Main Features:

  • 100% PP construction
  • low head loss
  • suitable for fitting to a pump suction port
  • easy-access strainer
  • high-strength (max. pressure 7 bar)
  • mesh size (round particle) 2 mm

Connections: 1" - 2" - 3"
Max Pressure: 1,5 BAR
Fluid passing: 2,5 x 40mm

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